We follow each child’s lead, to enhance their learning so they can become their best self

At Funky Owls Nursery, we equip children with essential skills for lifelong learning and self-sufficiency. We foster critical thinking, creativity, and independence, encouraging initiative and self-direction. Our approach includes understanding the world, preserving its beauty, embracing community living, and fostering active participation.

Our ‘hands-off’ approach allows children to fully engage in their learning experiences. With minimal instruction, they are allowed to actively think for themselves, immerse themselves in their play, and take greater responsibility for their own learning, fostering more effective educational outcomes.

We expand children’s learning experiences while reinforcing their educational journey, deepening understanding, encouraging exploration, and fostering ongoing growth and development.

We grant children the freedom to explore their surroundings and engage in activities which seizes upon every potential learning moment, without missing opportunities for growth

We allow children the necessary time: time to respond to questions, time to navigate their emotions, and time to foster their growth

By providing children the freedom to choose their play or approach without interruption, but with guidance, we empower them with the tools to personalise and individualise their learning experience

How does this look like in practice?

Our rooms and spaces are a representation of beauty. They are free from clutter and unnecessary items. Each space, from the corridor, to the bathrooms, to the classrooms are all engaging to be in. There is a sense of calmness and tranquillity throughout the nursery, which gives children the opportunity to become engrossed in deep levels of sustained thinking.

Each member of our team is a valuable cog in the wheel of our nursery. Their strong knowledge of children and their development, and their keen drive to support their learning is evident amongst every person. They are all team players who want to make sure that every child under our care will grow in confidence to follow their own unique path. They are teachers who take great pride in their place, and quality, of work.

Our equipment is all natural, and real. We do not believe in having ‘pretend’ if we can have real. Our resources are all carefully selected to sparkle the imagination and encourage children to explore. With real play items, children can mimic the environment they are growing up in, and better learn about and understand their peers, parents and all the people that they care about. When play becomes real, we know we have a more positive impact on children’s learning.

In our day-to-day practice, we are here to encourage children’s innate sense of wonder and love for beauty. We are always listening to children, and not assuming we know what they want and need. We are here to extend their learning and support, when they need it, but not to interrupt; we are here to observe and follow. When children are engaged in play in this way, this is when magic happens. Children will always show us what they like to do; all we need is to follow their lead and support that play and learning.

Throughout a child’s young life, there is an ocean of never-ending exciting learning opportunities. It is our responsibility to step back and observe when children are trying to solve problems, engage in new learning, or are just having fun. We believe we should not interfere if it is not necessary, but be there to help and support and show we truly believe that every child is capable of being independent. We are here to make an impact.